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10 Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links on media

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is one of the best ways to make money online and lot’s of people making hundreds and thousands of dollars every single day with affiliate marketing. 

As an affiliate marketer, the necessary steps you should take are, joining affiliate programs, selecting the products to promote. Then create affiliate links (Referral links) and then drive traffic to your affiliate links. 

When someone purchases through your affiliate link, you get a percentage of that product price as your affiliate commission.

If you are clueless about affiliate marketing, then read my article on ‘how to make money with affiliate marketing‘ that gives you better insights about affiliate marketing. Such as what is affiliate marketing, where to start from, what are some profitable niches, top affiliate programs, etc.

Once you’re getting the point of how affiliate marketing is work, then it’s time for making money from it. As I above said, you need to drive traffic to your affiliate links for making sales. The more traffic you send to your affiliate offer, then the chances of getting conversions are also higher. 

Let’s Clear Something

Before diving into the main content of the article 10 Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links. The first thing you should need to keep in mind is, don’t think you will get instant results from affiliate marketing. Such as, you use these ways to promote your affiliate links today and start getting sales tomorrow. You are just starting the business, nobody knows you, nobody doesn’t have enough trust with you. So expecting to get some instant and insane results it’s doesn’t make any sense. You have to establish trust first with your audience and start building your brand. So when your audience has enough trust, then eventually, you will start making money from affiliate marketing. 

Building a brand is very important in any online business model because it helps you to convert your audience to your customers. 

Now you know what to do and what don’t to do with affiliate marketing. Always be focused on the big picture, go for the long term game, build your brand. 

10 Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links

Here are the 10 ways to promote your affiliate links to grab more eyeballs on your affiliate offer, and hopefully generating sales for you. So let’s get started.

iii. Banner & Graphics

Almost every affiliate programs give you an affiliate toolkit to promote their product by using those tools. Banners are one of those affiliate tools.
As an affiliate, insert those banners on your blog posts wherever it’s suitable.

You can also write reviews about your affiliate products, tutorial articles about your affiliate products. Then attach your affiliate link to the article with a clear call to action instruction.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to build a relationship and maintain that relationship with your audience. As an affiliate marketer perspective, email marketing is a great way to promote your affiliate offers to your trusted audience. I said, ‘Trusted audience’ because those are the people who already like you and ready to hear from you. So it’s a real opportunity to advertise your offers to your email list. 

If you don’t have an email list yet, then I suggest you start building an email list today for running a long term business. For creating an email list, use whatever you want to use, it might be a lead magnet, email opt-in funnels, blog subscription, or anything else. 

Once you have your email list, then send them automated email sequences of your affiliate offers. You can use GetResponse & Aweber for automating your email marketing campaigns.

Don’t be spammy with your emails, send them on an interval (might be one day), not all emails at a time.

If you wanted to do email marketing without having an email list, then you can use Udimi to run your email marketing campaigns at a pretty affordable price. In Udimi, people already have a massive amount of leads on their email lists. You can purchase their service to spread your emails on their list.

3. Youtube Videos

If you’re in this business for some time. Then it’s easy for you to understanding why YouTubers adding links under the descriptions of their videos. 

Youtube has the potential to reach out to a massive amount of people all over the world. Because of this platform getting 2 billion active users every month, and this is the second largest search engine. 

Youtube is all about videos, so if you can create valuable video content, then go for it. 

If you are a YouTuber or thinking to start a Youtube channel to promote your affiliate links, then the description of the videos is the section for you to promoting your affiliate offers. 

4. Digital products (eBooks, PDF)

Digital products like eBooks and PDFs are one of the things where you can place your affiliate links. The strategy you should follow, and most of the affiliate marketers follow for digital products is giving the digital product for just swapping their audience’s emails. In this way, you are building your email list and promoting your affiliate links inside the eBook. 

So now compile your knowledge and create a high-quality & valuable eBook. If you don’t know how to create an eBook, then hire someone on Fiverr, who does the job done for you.

After creating your digital product, it’s time to promote your digital product. Promote your product wherever you want, it might be your youtube video, in your blog, with paid advertisement, etc. 

5. Free online courses

Online courses are working great when it comes to a form of training. Let’s suppose that you are creating an online course on Email marketing training with GetResponse. Then you can easily promote GetResponse as your affiliate product. And you can also offer other related affiliate products, such as sales funnels building software.

Free online courses give you a similar opportunity as digital products give you, like building your email list and promoting your affiliate offers.

If you’re able to produce an online course, then create valuable content for your audience.

6. Facebook

2.37 billion monthly active users on Facebook, so there is a great chance to get more eyeballs on your affiliate offers. And you can use Facebook to drive a decent amount of traffic to your affiliate offers.

Keep in mind that people are on Facebook for hanging out with their friends, not for buying something. So it’s very challenging to promote something on Facebook, you can’t just throw your affiliate offer on Facebook and willing to lot’s of people attract to your offer.

The strategy you should follow for promoting your affiliate offers on Facebook is, post something engaging, questionable, or informative. Facebook groups are highly compelling for driving traffic to your offer.
There are numerous Facebook groups for every kind of niche, join some groups that are relevant to your affiliate offers. Once you get in those groups, then start engaging in groups, provide value to group members. Now you have trust with the group members, and this is the time to promote your affiliate offers to them.

Facebook doesn’t allow affiliate links, so do not put your direct affiliate links on their platform. Send all traffic to a landing page or on your website, where you explained about affiliate offer in-depth.

7. Instagram

This is another great platform for building your brand. And also for promoting your affiliate offers. Instagram doesn’t allow links, on their platform, you can’t attach links on your posts and comments. The only way you can add a link on Instagram is your profile bio. So add your best affiliate offer on your bio or drive all traffic to your website/blog. Where you can warm up your audience for further actions.

Instagram is a social platform for visual content (Photos & Videos), so some niches such as Fashion & Grooming, Health & Fitness, Beuty & Style, etc., are working very well and rise very quickly. If your niche is related to that, then Instagram is a gold mine for you.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to drive tons of traffic to your affiliate offers. Like Instagram, it’s also a visual content social media. But in Pinterest, every image holds a link in their self. When you click the pin (Image), it redirects you to a website. 

Most of the Pinterest users are women, so if your niche is related to like – DIY, Cooking, Health & Fitness, etc. Then you can easily leverage Pinterest to drive a massive amount of traffic to your affiliate offers.

Pinterest is all about images and graphics. You have to create good looking and eyecatching graphics for Pinterest, here you can use free online tool Canva for designing your pins.

9. Twitter

Twitter is another great platform for driving traffic to your affiliate links. Like other social networking sites, Twitter also helps you to build your brand and reaching out to millions of people.

In Twitter hashtags matter more, adding hashtags on your tweets increases your chance to get more eyeballs on your tweets. If you’re using Twitter to promote your affiliate offers, then use hashtags in your tweets to reaching out to more peoples. 

Note – Almost every social networking sites restrict affiliate links, so do not throw your direct affiliate links on any social networking sites. If you do that, they will ban you or limit your activities on their platform. So always send your traffic to a website or any kind of sales page. You can create your sales funnels and lead magnets with funnel building software like Builerall ClickFunnels. 

10. Paid Advertisements

All the above methods of promoting your affiliate links are taking time to start rolling money for you. But if you want some quick results and have some money to invest, then go for paid advertisements. 

In paid advertisements, you will get highly targeted and high-quality traffic that converts much better than cold traffic. 

Here are some popular ad networks you can use for promoting your affiliate offers –

Above featured 10 Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Links, which shows you how you can promote your affiliate links. Hopefully, this article helps you to promote your affiliate offers. Let me know in the comment section what you think about this article.

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