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Google Map

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Google Maps is a versatile mapping service by Google, offering satellite imagery, street maps, and route planning. It provides real-time traffic updates, public transportation information, and location-based recommendations, accessible through web browsers and mobile apps.

Integrating Google Maps into your cleaning service plugin revolutionizes user experience and operational efficiency. With precise location services, customers easily find and book services, while real-time traffic updates optimize route planning, saving time and resources. Google Maps integration is the key to elevating your cleaning service plugin to new heights of success.

To get the Google Map API Key you have to visit the Google Cloud Console

1. Click Select a project > New Project

2. Give a Project Name > Location ( Optional ) > Create

3. Click Navigation Menu > APIs & Services

4. Click Enabled APIs & Services

5. Click Maps JavaScript API > Click Enable

6. From APIs & Services > Click Credentials

7. Click Credentials > Configure Consent Screen or OAuth consent screen ( From below )

8. Select your user type ( External ) > Click Create

9. In the OAuth consent screen > App Information: App Name, User support email > App Logo: Upload your App logo ( Optional ) > App domain: Application home page, Policy link & service link > Authorized domains: Add authorized domains > Developer contact information: Click Save & Continue

10. In the Scopes, Click Add or Remove Scopes ( You have to add sensitive scopes and non-sensitive scopes ) > Click Save & Continue.

11. In the Test users > Click Save & Continue

12. In the summary > Click Back to Dashboard

13. After that click Credentials > Create Credentials > API Key

14. Then a modal will open where the API Key will be available. Copy your API Key and Click the close button

After completing all the steps, you must open your wp-admin panel and navigate to Settings in Cleanly Booking. Then, Click on the Integration.

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