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Pabbly Connect

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Pabbly Connect is a hassle-free integration platform that automates workflows between various applications effortlessly. From lead generation to customer management, Pabbly Connect streamlines processes, saving time and boosting productivity.

The seamless integration of Pabbly Connect with Cleanly stands out as a significant advantage, greatly enhancing workflow management. This powerful combination empowers businesses to automate tasks effortlessly, ensuring smooth data transfer and efficient communication between different platforms.

To get Pabbly webhooks you have to visit pabbly website.

You can do this by following a few easy steps :

1. Go to URL > Click Sign Up Free

2. Sign Up With Google Or Create An Account

3. Click Pabbly Connect > Access Now

4. Click Create Workflow

5. Give Workflow Name > Select Folder > Click Create Button

6. Search Webhook

7. Select Trigger Event > Copy Webhook URL

8. Search and Select Your Desired App > Select Action Event

After completing all the steps, you need to open your wp-admin panel and navigate to Settings in Cleanly Booking. Then, Click on the Integration.

Here, you’ll see the Webhook URL and Setup Fields ( where you can set your desired field names ) in the Pabbly Connect Webhook Settings section. In the webhook URL, you have to paste your Pabbly Connect webhook URL. Don’t forget to click on the Save All Changes Button.

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