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Booking Settings

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Now go for the Settings option and you can see here Booking Settings. In this portion, you can choose the design for the booking form as default or advance. After making any changes always remember to click on Save All Changes.

Now it turns to create a single form or multistep form. In Booking Settings, here is the enabling option for Single form settings. Use the shortcode for single form and also select a particular page and position to display the Single Form for booking process. 

Let’s see the single form in the front portion.

Similarly below the Single Form settings you can see the Multi-Step Form Settings. For having it use the shortcode for multistep form and choose a page, position and layout for the multi-step form’s placement.

Here is presented the multi-step form in frontend.

You can also add a My Account section for your customers. That means every customer can create an account and access its functionalities very easily. Use the shortcode to display the my account section anywhere in a page. 

You can also select a page, position and layout for placing the My Account section.

Here is my account page in frontend.

In the Quick Booking Form’s section you can find the shortcode of the Quick Booking Form portion.  Select a page and position to display the Quick Booking Form.  You have to set a title for this quick booking form.

Let’s see the Quick booking form in the frontend.

Cleanly offers the facility to display a booking summary where all booking details, cost and other will be displayed in a short tab. Whenever a customer changes anything, it will also be changed immediately in the booking summary section. 

To access this, Enable the Booking Summary. Set a title for the Booking Summary and also select a layout for it. 

Next there is Terms & Conditions. You can also add a section of Terms & Conditions.  Select a page to display the section of Terms & Conditions.

The Booking Summary in the front portion seems like the following image.

If you want, you can reset all the settings with the help of this button Reset All Options.

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