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How to Configure Next Counter ?

If you have seen the tutorial of Next Sharing under Next Social plugin that will help you a lot . Like Next Sharing, after the completion of plugin set up procedure in wordpress just hover your mouse over the Next Social and click on Next Counter then you will get the General option . There , you should enable the counter at first. You will also have another two option there.

1.Content Position : Set position for share button in content.

2.Icon Style : Select Icon style for provider icons.

After that just save it.

At the very same way, this time you need to go to provider option. You will have lot of provider there. Though there are mixing up of pro and free provider .

Then set up the counter provider enable one by one among the free providers . It’s totally opt to you how many counter provider you wnat to show in your web pages. Then click on the save button.

In display option there will be a group of icon style . Just choose them one by one and see the output. If you like specific one then choose it for your web pages. Then you have to save it.

Finally, you will get the option of shortcode. If you want, just copy the shortcode and paste it anywhere in your website pages then the magic will appear before your eyes.