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How to Configure WP AWS S3 Console?

First of all, you need to install and activate the ‘WP AWS S3 Console’ plugin. Then this will appear on the left side of the WordPress dashboard. When you click on it then will get four option to configure it.

Just go to the settings option, at first where you have to collect AWS access Id and secret access key then save it. After that, select the Region and finally save the system.

After the Setting option, you need to go ‘Create Store’ option. In order to create a new store (bucket), you need to select Region and Permission. Then you will get an input field for your desired store name. Just put your store name over there and create it.

Then you will get the ‘Upload Files’ option. To upload a file you have to complete several tasks. For example, you need to select Store, Region, Folder, and Permission then you can upload your file by selecting it from your pc.

In ‘manage Store’, just click on your desired store file that you have created. Then you will get all the folder under the store file.