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How to integrate all social services to your WordPress site?

Its Plugin is super flexible and integrates beautifully with any kind of WordPress website. Then add social sharing links to your blog posts. Social share counts is a fast and easy-to-use social media plugin for WordPress.

I can give a suggestion.

NextSocial is all in one plugin that works with social login (Login or Authentication), feed sharing (Social Share), and social counter (Fans or Followers Counter).

Most Powerful Features:

Login Providers: Social login has the following providers. Like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Dribbble, Instagram, Github, WordPress, Envato, BitBucket, and Yandex. And we’re developing more new providers.

Login Integration: Social login Integrated with WP Login — Registration form, WP Comment form, Woocommerce Login — Registration — Billing form, and Buddypress form. And show login button anywhere in forms.

Counter Providers: Social Counter has the following providers like Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram, Github, Youtube, Mailchimp, Envato, and Behance. And we’re developing more new providers.

Share Providers: Social Share or Feed Sharing has numerous Social media providers such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Messenger, Kik, Skype, Trello, Viber, Whatsapp, Reddit, and more providers. And we’re developing more new providers.

Shortcode & Widgets: By using shortcodes or widgets of Next Social, users are able to get all the features only by copy/paste. It saves valuable time.