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How to integrate Mailchimp, Active Campaign, SendInBlue, and other providers with Email Marketing WordPress Plugin?

Next Campaign is a total campaign solution for Email Marketing. It designed to reach out to subscribers at the best time and provide relevant offers.

Campaign Features:

  1. Multiple Integration: Next Campaign has multiple integrations like MailChimp, MailWizz, SendInBlue, GetResponse, and Active Campaign.
  2. Simple to Setup Forms: The user can build multiple forms with the separate integrated providers and able to customize or select preset designs.
  3. Manage Contacts: You are able to add and manage contacts with respective address fields under the specific lists item.
  4. Manage Campaign: It is very simple to create and manage campaigns with this plugin. Users can also design an HTML template that is to be sent to email as a campaign.
  5. Easy to Send Campaign: Anyone can send the campaign to their targeted customer’s Email by selecting specific contact lists. You can send your campaign to thousands of Emails with a single click.
  6. Export-Import Contacts: The user can export and import contacts with three different file formats like txt, JSON, and CSV.
  7. Automate mailing system: Automatic send email to your target customer with just a single click and build your campaign templates with the newsletter.
  8. Build subscribe form: Easy to build subscribe form into your WordPress Website which integrates MailChimp, Active Campaign, SendInBlue, and son on providers. Listing the contact for send emails by separate customers.
  9. Multiple List Management: Send emails to multiple lists without worries. Next Campaign preferred your Email send to your listing customers.

To help you send beautiful emails, grow subscriber lists, promote services &
sell products all within the WordPress dashboard with your preferred email campaign to your target customers.