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How to use Mega Menu ?

Just add Mega Menu to your website to make it more gorgeous. To add Mega Menu , you have to go to wordpress dashboard and just click plugins then press over add new.

Now you need to type ‘Themedev’ in the search box then the Next MegaMenu builder plugin apears . After that just install and activate it.

Then Next Mega will be added automatically in the dashboard item, just click on it and press the on button of General Services then save it.

After that press My Menus under Next Mega and click on add new.

Here add a title as your requirement and publish it . For example we create a menu after ‘woo features’.

This time just go to Appearence’s Menus and click on Next Mega then you get ‘woo features’ and add it to the menu.

Then you can just drag and drop ‘woo features’ and set it as a sub item of Features(accoring to requirement).

At the very same time just go to edit your page with Elementor and some section whatever you want.For example we have added a heading there and set a background of it .

Then go to your site and refress it , just hover your mouse over the menu then you will get the output that you are working for.