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Amazon S3

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You can easily offload your WordPress Media Library to Amazon S3 by accessing Next3 Offload in the most prominent way. 

You need to follow some steps to use Amazon S3 provider. 

  1. Install the plugin Next3 Offload.
  2. Collect an active license.
  3. Log in to the AWS Console.
  4. Save all the details of AWS User’s access details.
  5. Select the provider Amazon S3 from Dashboard.
  6. Insert the given Access Key ID.
  7. Enter the given Secrete Access Key.
  8. Now you can offload all media files and create buckets.

Amazon S3 Quick Start Guide

Logging  in to the AWS Console

If you already have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account sign in here.

Don’t you have an AWS account yet?  You will need to sign up sign up here.

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