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Create Access Key

Estimated reading: 1 minute

After creating an account, login to the DigitalOcean Control Panel to create Access Keys for Spaces.  

Here in this following image you can see, after logging in a control panel will appear. Go for Spaces and click on this tab. From the left beside Spaces Object Storage select the Manage Keys button.

Then from the Space Keys section scroll down and click on Generate New Key.

Insert a particular name for the new Access Keys to make it unique and recognizable.Then click on the “ Tick” button to save the name.  

After that you will be shown the security credentials for the access keys. Here you will have an Access Key ID and a Secret Access Key

Save the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key as DigitalOcean will not show the Keys again. If you lose them, you have to create a new set of keys, but you cannot retrieve the secret key again later.

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