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Google Cloud

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Do you want to offload your WordPress media files to Google Cloud Storage? Then Next3 Offload will provide you the easiest way to connect with Google cloud Platform . 

Let’s start a guide that will assist you to create connections with Google Cloud Platform . 

Follow the steps:

  1. Install the plugin Next3 Offload.
  2. Collect and activate the license.
  3. Login to the Google Cloud Platform Console. 
  4. Generate a Service Account Key File for GCS.
  5. Save the Service Account Key File Details.
  6. Configure Next3 Offload Media for offloading WordPress media files. 
  7. Select the provider Google Could. 
  8. Create or select a bucket to offload files. 

Login to the Google Cloud Platform Console

Create a Google Cloud account. If you already have an account then sign in or sign up

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