WordPress Bug Fixing

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WordPress is by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is built up using a coding language called “PHP”. It’s more than advanced than the standard web language, “HTML ”.

For general bug fix, try copying any error messages that are being output by WordPress into google to see if others have the same issue. You may luck out and quickly find the answer on exactly how to fix the bug.

WordPress Common Issue

  • WordPress Parse or Syntax Error
  • 500 Internal Server Error
  • WordPress not sending email issue
  • WordPress Images Not Uploading
  • Website Connection Timed Out
  • Error Establishing A Database Connection
  • Fatal error: Maximum execution time exceeded in WordPress
  • WordPress Maintenance Mode Stuck
  • Are you sure you Themedev visit want to do this
  • Error too many redirects issue in WordPress
  • WordPress Failed Auto-Upgrade
  • Locked Out of the WordPress Admin Area
  • WordPress White Screen of Death
  • experiencing technical difficulties
  • 404 Errors and Missing Images on WordPress

The WordPress community is vast and extremely helpful at solving these issues .  You need more help with this you may have a look here ThemeDev

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