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Storage Settings

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After completing the installation and activation process of Next3 Offload you will get a perfect control panel. First of all go for the Storage Settings. From here you can set or edit the Provider. Click on the Edit option.

Edit option will redirect this page where you have to select the required provider and insert the provided and saved Access key and Secret key

Then go back and click on the Edit option for Bucket settings. You can also go for the File Manager to access the marked button. 

Edit option for bucket will redirect to the following page from where you can create bucket, browse existing bucket, change the provider and select any existing file to the bucket. Always click on Save Bucket Settings after making any changes or creating new buckets. 

Go back to the Storage Settings page. Here you can see the Preview URL

In General Options, Turn ON the button of Offload Media files to the storage provider.

Also here is the option to Copy to Local Server, turn it ON if you want to copy the media files to the local server after being uploaded.

Now, you can set up the bucket path. To add Prefix, Turn ON the following button. After adding Prefix for adding year and month enable the button of Add Year & Month The Bucket Path. Similarly, you can add time as minute to the bucket path after year and month by enabling the option Add Object Version to The Bucket Path.

In File Management you can offload multiple mime types of file format to the cloud. For doing that Turn ON the required option. Here you also have to select the file extension.

You can free up the storage space by removing the local media files enabling the button of Remove Local Media.

You can also delete the files from cloud( bucket )after uploading the files by Turning ON the button for Remove Files From Cloud. Here are fields for selecting the offload limit and the number of pages.

Always remember to Click on the Save Settings button after making any changes.

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