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GetResponse is a multifunctional online marketing platform, offering email marketing, automation, landing pages, and webinar solutions. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, businesses can efficiently create, manage, and track engaging campaigns to reach their audience effectively.

Efficiency meets simplicity with Cleanly’s integration with GetResponse. Experience seamless workflow management as updates flow in instantly upon booking confirmation. From customer names to payment statuses, stay informed about crucial details effortlessly across a vast array of platforms, including Gmail, Google Sheets, and more.

To get the GetResponse API Key you have to visit the getresponse website.

You can do this by following a few easy steps :

1. Go to URL > Click Sign Up

2. Create Your Account

3. Click Tools

4. Click Integrations and API

5. Click API

6. Click Generate API Key ( Give the name of your API Key ) > Click Generate Button ( Your API Key will be generated )

7. Click Copy Button

After generating the API Key, you need to create a List ID ( Campaign ID )

8. On Top Click > Contacts > Create List ( Your List ID will be shown below )

After completing all the steps, you need to open your wp-admin panel and navigate to Settings in Cleanly Booking. Then, Click on the Integration.

Here, you’ll see the Api Key, List ID ( Campaign ID ), and Custom Fields ( where you can set your desired custom field names ) in the GetResponse Api Key Settings section. In the Api Key Settings, you have to paste your own GetResponse Api Key & List ID. Don’t forget to click on the Save All Changes Button.

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